A quick hello to Jill, who has joined the isom community of webloggers that I founded. You will find her ramblings at her weblog, called geeronimo. This just gives us more opportunity to go around pollinating each others’ weblogs.

Sweet Little Sister!

This is my first post!!!

And what follows has no relevance to that or anything for that matter…

When I turned 18… my brother, whom you better know as Nazir, played Skid Row’s “18 & Life”… and then he played “Sweet Lil’ Sister” by the same band… don’t really know why that came to me mind, but it did. So there. Period. Fullstop.

Now, 8 years later… (has it really been 8 years Agu??? Damn!! You’re old! ;)) he asks me to write some shit for his blog. Actually lays down all the ground work for me as well. And what do I do? I type this nonsense…

That can be explained like this. I’m his full sister. Which means he shares, on an average, 50% of my genes. He got 50% of my dad’s and 50% of me mom’s genes. I did too. My hypothesis is that he got all the “beneficial” ones while I got stuck with the redundant ones. If you just took a look at our respective legs and noses, you’ll know what I’m talking about… hence, I have no idea what I’m typing. He got the “I-know-what-to-type-at-the-drop-of-a-hat” genes, you see?

So there… I’m excused from all pretense of being a genius, of being self-aware to a large extent, and of being a good writer.

Basically, I have nothing to say. But keeping my brother’s wounded feelings in mind, I promise to write whenever I have anything interesting to share with y’all.

So, here’s a lame end to a lamer beginning…
And keep that head banging!
Y? aka Yasmin aka Yass-hole…


Congrats to London! We showed foul-mouthed Chirac. Now good luck to them getting all those tourists in without major gridlock! I was sure we’d win, once I learned that super athlete ~/~ David Beckham was in the olympic comittee. (Note:- henceforth I shall be using this sign ~/~ to denote sarcasm) Speaking of footballers, Gerrard made a U-turn when he changed from being a devoted scouser to a money-grabber. Now I hear he’s reversed again and he’ll sign for Liverpool. No comment.

A-picking strawberries in July

So isom’s organised another great trip, picking strawberries in July. We have managed to get a van driver on minimum wage, hopefully we’ll rent a van, and then this Friday will see a bunch of grown-ups competing in a very un-grown-up-like manner to see who picks the most strawberries and raspberries. I have a plan for success worked out, but obviously due to security reasons it cannot be disclosed on these pages. Now the rest of the time leading up to Friday will be devoted to choosing a selection of songs to suit the journey!

Could you be a better tennis player?

Federer’s won, surprise surprise. I watched it, wasn’t really expecting Roddick to do anything. I also watched The Life of Brian, and American Beauty, amongst others. Cheers Rob! Saturday night was fun, went to Filmworks, and sat in the Gallery section thanks to some vouchers. Free nachos, free popcorn, free drinks. I did have to sit through ‘Batman Begins’ though. If anyone’s seen it, they’ll know what I mean. Bumped into Ina & Mahesh in Sainsbury’s while Rob & I were out buying the best vodka (on a side note, Russian voda=water, vodka=vodka. In Urdu, mai can be water as well as an intoxicating drink) money can buy in order to smuggle it into the cinema later. They’d just been to York.

I had loads more to write here, things that seemed so damn important at the time. Anyhow, it’ll all come back to me.


Done a spot of e-touring today, checking out people’s photoblogs. I’ll be adding interesting ones to my photoblog links, so keep checking. You can really get caught up with these things, one link leads to another… Damn! I wish I had a camera now!! And a proper site!! One day, my son, the earth will be yours, and all that is upon it. But I want it now!!