Belaya Noch

..or White Night, for those not fluent in Russian. I got another invitation to a party at Late Room today from the Russian Society, except this time I don’t know when it is, simply because it’s not mentioned. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to meet them another time.

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  1. You do realise this is a common tactic for appearing to be sociable and friendly, but actually having no intention of you being there? 🙂 Come on Nz, you’re a bright lad, figure it out!

  2. hmm, “I have this sneaking suspicion that things here are not as they seem”

  3. это будет все-бело ночью

    that would work have worked better if my Russian wasn’t soooo sub-standard.

    its meant to say “It’ll be all-white on the night” but that doesn’t really translate


  4. Then you have to say “Budet vsyo belo NA nochyu.”


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