You can breathe now

Yes, sorrying for keeping you waiting so long, but the results of my driving theory test are now available to you. Yesterday, I was at the DSA test centre near Picadilly station for about half an hour. In that time I managed to get 35/35 on my questions, and 63/75 on my hazard perception (I deliberately didn’t wanna be too good). I thought twice about posting my score, because I didn’t want to seem like a poser, but what the heck, I am that good!!

Jill, Ioannis, Shasha and I saw “Two for the money” on Sat. SOMEBODY mistook it for “The inside man”, which I was looking forward to. I knew there was a bank robbery involved, so imagine my disappointment when nothing of the sort happened!! I was trying to link the stupid plot to a desperate need for cash, thinking “Okay, so now he goes robs a bank”. Finally, the movie ended.

But highlight of the week had to be the bizarro goings on at Tracy’s Willy’s party. Tracy greeted me with an amorous (=drunk) hug at half-seven, and I knew things were fragile. These guys were so drunk, I’m amazed no untoward incidents flared up (if you discount of course Willy chucking a water balloon at 2 girls in the bus-stop opposite, and the Turkish guy crashing onto the floor, and Blake forcing his way into a poor terrified girls car to kiss her, oh!, and two strangers off the street talking to us and then blazenly trying to break into the downstairs’ neighbours’ flat, claiming they thought it was “The Rampant Lion” pub. What, and you enter that pub through the window??? ) The flat-mates (Blake, Tom, Kev & Willy) had the kitchen table taken outside and were playing beer-pong from 4pm. Basically, two people fill themselves six plastic cups with beer and arrange them in a triangle in front of them at opposite sides of the table lengthwise. Then they take turns chucking a pingpong ball at the other person’s beer. If it falls in, the other person drinks that. Simple yet so unelegant. Marissa played with glasses of G&T, and was not seen for most of the evening. There were empty cans and splashed beer all over the place, mixing with the effluent of people not bothering to go to the bathroom to pee. Adam was there in his role as friendly neighbour, watching these antics with eyebrows constantly raised. I turned up with some Chicken couscous and a litre of whiskey, one of which was sooo delicious we promptly set to work upon it. The couscous we saved for later 😉 The Turkish guy (“I’m from Cyprus”) tried to prove his manhood by downing half a plastic cup of whiskey (pocket change, dahling!) and promptly felt the kick. He was staggering all over the place. Even when he fell on his backside he was still walking, dragging himself around!! Then Jessy & Ioannis turned up with beer, and we promptly steered them into the living room, away from the mayhem. Tom was so stoned (even more so then usual) and I myself was barely keeping it together, so I was grateful that Miss X turned up after she finished work, so I had to limit my extravagances and act gentlemanly. There were no major hangovers the next day, thanks to that timely intervention. Oh, at some point I had to drag Willy off a neighbour’s car, where he “wanted to sleep”.
P.S things are coming back to me now.
1. Oh, almost forgot to say, someone copped off with someone in half-an-hour flat after introduction!
2. There was a large group of chicas who came in at some point (Marissa’s friends) but seeing nobody good looking, left. I, of course, was evidently already snapped up by some lucky person.

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  1. Good to see that not being a student anymore doesn’t actually mean not ‘being’ a student. 😉

  2. Dear me Naz, you have been busy. Well busy getting drunk and watching films. I commend you sir.


  3. i am boycotting your latest post

  1. Ioannis’s Studio » Effectively uneventful

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