An Inconvenient Choice of Narrator

Yesterday Sha and I went to see An Inconvenient Truth, because we felt we had to do something about global climate this year, and watching a film seemed far easier than actually recycling something.

I said a film, however a more accurate description would be the two films; one on global warming, and the other on Al Gore and how he lost the election to Bush and how he’s a straight guy from the country and almost lost his kid, and his sister died of lung cancer, and what the fuck has that got to do with what I paid money to see? Being American, he can’t resist show-boating, and he seems to merely be one of the first politicians to jump on to the “Global Warming” band wagon, which I predict is soon going to be a huge trend. Band wagon in the sense that they’ll jump on to anything that’ll connect them to the voting public, whether they genuinely care about the issue or not.

Having said that, he clearly has made this presentation many times and does it well, the facts genuinely are scary and clearly stated, if it weren’t for his grand-standing I would’ve called it a great film. A must watch; even if that means you must watch Al Gore. How much better to have left it to David Attenborough (who can do no wrong in mine eyes) to present this. As it is, it leaves one with a contradictory sense of being involved and yet somehow manipulated.

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  1. We obviously had the same idea about titling our posts after watching that movie 😉

  2. Or someone is obviously being “influenced” by a greater mind!!

  3. Sha

     /  2 October, 2006

    I thought I didnt have to tell u that since u should know where the ‘greater influence’ came from and normally comes from, huh? 😉

  4. Tinks

     /  3 October, 2006

    Please keep the pillow talks out of blogs ok!!!

    I didn’t know there was a film on this Al Gore jumping on the latest political band wagon. I knew about ‘efforts’ in promoting public awareness in this serious issue, as he was on Breakfast a few weeks back talking about it.

    You all know that I’m in no way inclined with anything never mind politics, so when i saw this guy on Breakfast I just didn’t like him. He didn’t make me believe that he truely cares about this matter… Just so fake…Obvisouly, he is trying to seize the opportunity of making himself noticed. This is probably because his social life going a bit slow, not being invited to parties or important events, so he has to make himself in the public eye again so to get VIP invitations…


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