Is it me, or are journalists getting increasingly stupid? I read the Manchester Evening News almost daily because it’s great (= free) and they have a good puzzle section.

Yesterday’s headline was “Outrage as funeral cortege has to pay toll”. The toll in question was 12p, and why should they expect not to pay it, nay be “outraged” that they have to pay the same toll as everybody else just because they’re toting a stiff in the back?

Another “outrage” was about Manchester City Centre’s famous electronic bollards, or “stupid-person catchers”, as I call them. Thanks to Si (who’s back out of hospital fresh as a daisy, I might add) for e-mailing this link showing idiots disobeying the No Entry signs and then being “outraged” when their vehicle gets damaged. Duh!

And then there are the interviewers who, armed with their cameras set out to show how much they know about the situation by asking questions like “Do you think the public will be outraged by this situation because 14.6% have said so in our poll, and given the recent increase in tensions you must be particularly aware of a breakdown of communication that seems to be undermining the process put in place that were so highly commended only late last August by the Lord High Commissioner ?”

They don’t trust the Expert they are interviewing to be clever enough to come up with words describing the situation themselves, so the helpful interviewer only allows them the “Yes” or “No” option. Also is the news more newsier if they are “Live” standing outside some bloody building??

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  1. jessy

     /  22 November, 2006

    You missed out the free lunch today in MBS.

  2. You can’t accuse Jessy of asking complex, loaded questions. 😛 Although she is making a very valid point!

  3. jess

     /  22 November, 2006

    I don’t come to read Naz’s posts. I come to make him know about something that I want him to know.

  4. Hahahaha! How does that make you feel Naz? 😛


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