Billie Jean’s not my lover

Wacko’s out, as Jessy reminds us. The story reporting leading up to the verdict was calling it a moment nobody will forget. Why? Who cares what the weird fiddler did? I’m not going to waste anymore space talking about it. So…., you think he did? 🙂

Project Gutenberg

This site has loads of free e-books, I would recommend it to anybody. A top 100 list shows what people around the world have been reading, and funnily enough, the Bible is at 39 and the Quran at 40!

Bush taken out

No, not the real one. I had put up a poster of our most-beloved comic’s humorous sayings, or by other world leaders in a similar vein, in our study room K2, where it put a smile on many a face for a long time…. until somebody came along and stole it!! Now, I’m not pointing fingers, but there ws a delegation of business people from XXXXXX next door, who were admiring it at length (I know where you live). My friends, these are the kind of people we will be dealing with once we leave the cozy world of academia. The kind who are prepared to stuff half a metre’s length of rolled up poster (I imagine that’s how it was done) down their trouser leg (I’m having difficulty imagining it done in a skirt) and limping all the way to their getaway vehicle (There has to be one. There always is. I imagine one with lots of passenger leg-room for minimum discomfort. Perhaps an off-roader, SUV-type. I can see the new Nissan Murano doing well in this role) just so they can save on the £3-odd it cost. No more “after you, Sir/Madam (whichever applies, obviously not both)”, nor indeed a “by your leave”, and certainly not a “if you could be so kind as”! Humph!! What is this world coming to, when even the P of USA isn’t safe???

I, Caesar.

I was watching a telly programme on UKHistory about Mr. Julius Caeser yesterday. Fascinating stuff! One thing that really stuck in my mind was one commentator/history professor saying “Rome never had a problem controlling her far-flung military commanders. It was when they got back to Rome that the problems began”. Haha, I love that kind of logic! Another related point I’d like to mention is that a sure sign of big-headedness is when people refer to themselves in the third person, like Caeser often did. Shakespeare conveys this beautifully many times; once just before Caeser’s assassination, when he is at his most intolerable

“Are we all ready? What is now amiss
That Caesar and his senate must redress?”

For more Julius Caeser and other Shakespeare works.

I also must add that if history were taught with computer graphics and whatnot like on BBC & UKHistory, I would’ve loved it. I was born in the wrong age 😦

Lyrics updates

Did you guys know that all my pages are not displayed on this main page? For example, I’ve made loads of updates to my lyrics pages; there are now 8 different artists listed, with 22 of the most breath-taking lyrics, and it’s increasing everyday. Have a go!


I’m sitting in K2, feeling the pressure of having to post something here, but not quite having anything interesting to say. Reminds me of someone saying “If you can’t speak well of someone, don’t speak at all”. Have to rush home, weather’s absolutely the pits (well, it has stopped raining) and my new bicycle being a macho off-roader with tyres that would suit a Land-Rover, it doesn’t handle particularly well on smooth, city roads. So I have to be careful when it’s wet, ‘coz then the only parts of the tyres that are in contact with the road can collectively fit under the fingernail of my little finger. That’s front and back tyre both. Had a game of squash with Tracy (hence the title of the post; it all comes together, just be patient) and then a double cheeseburger from Pizza & Co. Ioannis dropped by, and they’ve gone back there for dinner!

From New Scientist today

Google’s got maps now, check it out here. So far only UK and US though, it seems that the rest of the world just isn’t important to google.
Also, from the funny pages, this

…a can of Morrison’s toilet cleaner tells us that it “cleans, freshens and kills germs”. Edward Williams, who noticed this, is reminded of the oyster in Lewis Carroll’s The Walrus and the Carpenter: “After such kindness, that would be / A dismal thing to do!”

Dinner with friends

Tuesday evening, around six-thirty-ish, I get a callback from Ioannis saying that he’s off to Exchange Square, more precisely, the Sinclair’s Oyster Bar, for a pint with his ex-coworker and friend Rob. After ‘much persuasion’, I joined Ioannis and we went there for a couple of pints and a few laughs. Rob’s friend Riz was with us too. Then Ioannis suggests going for a curry to Rusholme, which means the only one restaurant worth considering, i.e. Sangam! After stuffing ourselves with Karahi chicken, lamb and chili paneer, we were politely asked to leave the premises at half-eleven or so, after which Ioannis headed for his bed. But the three of us still had a spark of life left in us, so we decided to hit Oxford Rd and ended up in Revolution. After being shuffled out from there at one, we had to call it a night (but not before checking on the Footage to see if they’d let us in).

Weblog Themes

I really like the Crop Circles theme by Marianne, unfortunately there’s a minor problem with the look of the site; with me having so many links, they run over the top of the contents. Plus, I think this default version has the edge over it in functionality. I’ll try to see if there’s a more appealing theme that’s practical. (I wouldn’t have this problem if my “I.T.Support dept.” had fixed it over the weekend like he promised )

(51 hours later) Problem solved, thanks to “I.T.Support dept.” and miklb. New look weblog is now yours to savour.

ISOM Awards 2005

Here’s an idea. We need an ISOM Awards ceremony for the end of our academic year. So the main topic for discussion is, what kind of categories should people be nominated for? All suggestions welcome. I’ll start it off by suggesting a “Most Likely to Still be on the Dole in a Year” Award. Once we have a list of awards, we can go about selecting and then voting for the nominees. How about it?
P.S All other weblogs trackback to this so all ISOMers will have a chance to read about it, no matter which weblog they visit.