Did you know?

I was watching QI on the BeeB yesterday and this interesting fact came up:- Aparently, in the whole history of our world, only once ever have two democracies declared war upon each other. Can you name the two democracies though?? Watch this space for the answer (or alternatively you could send some money to my Education Fund, the arrival of which I will celebrate, which in turn will loosen my tongue, and I’ll let slip the answer to you).

Virtual crime

Now I’ve heard it all!! Apparently a guy in Japan was arrested because he played a virtual game with software bots instead of real human beings, which therefore made him unbeatable. He used his bots to mug other players of their virtual possessions, which he then sold to other players for real money!! A lot of games allow you to make real money if you play well, opening up the way for crime, because where there is money, there are people looking for an easy buck. More info on New Scientist here.


Just received an email from PK confirming what some of us were dreading. There were some rumours around, though nobody was sure what had happened. I am shocked. We are going to get flowers + card by 12 am tomorrow.

Getting nowhere!

I just realised that I’ll be losing another four days in Amsterdam!! The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley! I thought I’d be cruising. Where’s everybody? We’re supposed to be working in K2 together! HELP!

There is hope

The ‘settlers’ are to move out of Gaza soon, let’s hope everything goes smoothly. Seems that there could be a genuine step forward in our lifetimes.

Wanjia and friend

We were at Jessy’s pad last night celebrating (?) the return of German Boy. Wanjia turns up with the most attractive partner and star of the night. This dog called Dim Sum (or Chow Mein, depending on your mood) was simply the friendliest dog in the world. We got some great photos on Antonia’s camera, which she’s gonna put up any moment now on her weblog.


My sas got stung by a wasp while meddling with them as part of her research into animal behaviour. I says that’s the first of many! She got her first salary, and she’s getting her new 5-tom Premier drum kit delivered from Singapore. Here’s to success! Atleast someone in the family’s gonna amount to something 🙂
-Much later (circa 01:00)- Yawn! tired, I think I’ll go home and hit the pillow!

The Jackal

I watched this movie again on the idiot box yesterday. I loved it the first time around, but this time it only depressed me seeing as how this Jackal man (Bruce Willis) could plan such a meticulous operation, and I couldn’t even write my bloody dissertation. I’ve always thought that I could really hack it as a spy or a top-level assassin, (of course, it wouldn’t be by choice, but circumstances + the kidnapping of a beloved one or some similar pressure would relieve me of my high moral inhibitions and force me to adopt stringent measures in best Hollywood tradition :P) but I guess this movie is conclusive evidence that I can’t 😦

One another

There was a young schizophrenic called Struther,
Who, when told of the death of his brother,
Said “It’s true, this is sad
But it isn’t too bad
Atleast I still have each other”

The right bait

I have every empathy for the anglers who sit in a pond all day long, trying out different bait and lures in order to get a single measly fish. That’s how I feel writing all these blogs with no comments on them except the one I force out of people sitting close by. (Like a fisherman returning home with the only fish in his basket being the one he bought at the supermarket). Perhaps I should choose another patch of water, or cast my net wider. OR USE DYNAMITE TO BLOW THE DAMN FISH OUT OF THE WATER!!