Red eyes

Tinks and mua went to see ‘Red eye’ yesterday thanks to free fresher’s tickets at AMC. All I can say is that we had red eyes by the time the movie finished. First half- boring, second half- comic! Wes Craven’s directed a materpiece of crap! I also saw ’10 good ways to lose a guy’ with Matthew McConnaught or something, and ‘Ladykillers’ with Tom Hanks. I liked Tom Hanks, he does a beautiful impression of a professor; I just love the words he chooses! And the woman who owns the house is a stereotypical, god-fearing gospel-abiding woman. Went to bed at around 5-ish, hence the real red eyes today. Meeting my ubervisor at 2 pm., with a thoughtfully-created framework I just knocked up on the old PC.
On another note, regulars here might have noticed that Naz’s Weblog Inc. has linked up with Flickr to bring you, our dear customers, some great photos. I noticed that one particular picture I took required very precise settings to get the effect I wanted, namely:

Camera: Kodak C340 Zoom
Exposure: 0.011 sec (11930465/1073741824)
Aperture: f/3.5999999046326
Focal Length: 10.8 mm
ISO Speed: 80
Exposure Bias: 0 EV
Flash: Flash fired, auto mode

I wasn’t sure whether I should’ve maybe gone for a f/3.5999999046411, but I’ll let you be the judge. Perfection does come at a price 😛


Time for you guys to learn something. You might find it interesting to know that:-
If you take a strip of paper, and glue one end of the strip to the other so it forms a band or belt, you can then cut along the middle of the strip down the length of it, or what is the circumference of the band, to divide the band into two separate bands. But if you give the strip of paper one twist before gluing the ends together, you have what is called a continuous loop or Mobius Band, and cutting along the middle will only give you a bigger loop. It is called a continuous loop because this object has only one surface, which can be verified simply by using a pen and drawing a line round the circumference.

The noose is tightening

I feeeeel each day, is slip-slipping a..way! Tinks and mua went to the Academy today to grab free loot from the freshers’ fair. (We’re going again tomorrow, so call us if you wanna get organised.) I just realised what I would be missing soon. A blog I was reading really hit home then; the man really made sense. I guess I’ll be visiting there quite often now. Ahh, of course, almost forgot to tell you sorry lot where to find this lovely blog. He’s (obviously male, because it’s funny and interesting) got some really good stuff. But the Useless Advice article should start you off. Now there’s a desparate struggle going on for soon-to-be ex-students to source a student card so that the fun may long continue. I’ve managed it, but I’m not telling how!!

What? No comments??

Everyday I bait the hook and cast my lines, and no fish!! 😦 Anyhow, I’m off to pollinate the web. (Must comment, must comment)
I’m thinking of a song here:
“Everyday I bait the hook and cast my lines, and no fish!!
Everyday I catch the worms and set the traps, and no fish!!”
I’m guessing along the lines of pantomime, with the audience coming in at NO FISH. A spot of audience participation goes down a treat at panto, I’m told.


Then it must be OKTOBERFEST!!! Just got off the blower with my ATM, sorry, dad, so glad to talk to him and find out how he is, etc. (money money). Apparently many moons ago he went to beer land as well, and when I delicately broached the subject of sponsorship, he said eats and drinks are all free at the festival. Like I mentioned; MANY, MANY moons ago. Having gently been reminded of the fact that this happens to be 2005, he parted with some funds. Yippee. Munich is ON, I repeat ON. The eagle has taken off!!! The dolphin is swimming!!! The pied wagtail is wagging its tail!!! Houston, we are ok, I repeat, OK to go!

Saw the film

Ardent fans of mine (go on, admit it, you know you are one) will recall that I intended to watch Herzog’s film yesterday. But plans change, and none change as inscrutably as mine. Unless they’re plans made in Kyoto, that is. So I decided to see saw. Saw the film. I mean what I saw was saw the film. (Haha, can’t resist) The film ‘Saw’ is what I decided to see, and saw. (After some more jokes in this vein…) Real scary film in some parts, although you can’t help comparing it to an all-time great, ‘Seven’ with Morgan Freeman, and Prat Bidd (try saying his name properly after reading this out loud. I couldn’t). See, the problem I have with ‘Saw’, and a lot of movies of this genre, is that once they have a little character called “Psychopath”, they don’t bother explaining why he goes to all that effort to snuff a few random souls. The psychopath folder becomes a kind of hold-all, wherein any inexplicable acts can be stuffed and justified. e.g. “Mommy, why did the bad guy bother to cut the guy up and fry the steaks with tarragon sauce and a dash of lemon (including the rind, don’t waste the rind) when he was going to toss him to the sharks anyway?” “Weeell, he’s a Syko, innit? Stands to reason he dunno whats he doin’, innit? he’s just a fookin’ Syko. You complete set of bahstads, you” (No reason why Mommy talks like that, just giving more to the character to prevent it from becoming flat and two-dimensional. Avid readers might note the heavy borrowing from Mel B of ‘Spicy Girls’ fame. More avider readers might even notive the pun on ‘avid’, as in Avid Merrion, ginger-haired creator of the Mel B character). Seven (or Se7en, as it is also known) has the invaluable scene with Kevin Spacey (my mind keeps telling me it’s John Malkovich, for some reason. But you can’t argue with God. Especially God in google form) in the back of the cop car explaining his actions. If you see ‘Saw’ (it’s just pathetic now Naz) the (un)character of the killer is justified by some shots of a guy lying in bed with a tumour in the frontal lobe. That’s all folks!
Okay, deep breath…and….
I also saw ‘Wasabi’, from Luc Besson of Leon and Fifth Element fame. Basically we have Jean Reno again, with some young girl again (dunno what it is, but there seem to be a lot of young girls as co-stars who have crushes on him. Hmmm…), with some hilarious scenario again. I was too tired to pay much attention near the end, but there was some shooting and stuff. And $200 million. And a half-rabbit, half-hippo creature with fifteen foot tentacles growing out of its nose. Or maybe not.


Amazing change has come over my favourite town, apart from ZergbergBlasfreg, my hometown. Everywhere I see slack-jawed, gum-chewing freshers, some with their parents in tow, exploring Madchester with boggled eyes. Standing outside the Footage, I saw one mom and her son in a black Vauxhall Meriva drive the wrong way up a busy Grosvenor street. It wasn’t upto me to stop her. By the way, here’s something on the Worst Disaster to hit the US . The US is not alone in its suffering, I tell thee. I’m looking forward to a great Werner Herzog film at 1:40 tonight about what we will do if (when) Earth becomes uninhabitable.

There’s something about Mel B Wan Kanobi

I watched TSA Mary again. Great comedy, one of the few such films that I really like, although I must say it’s not typical in its storyline, only in the way it’s shot, if that makes sense. I mean that it’s not often you see a comedy about three stalkers, but the gags are pretty standard. I love the cheesy acting of Matt Dillon, whose part I think is extremely well-written. He loves retarded kids, as evident from-
“Those goofy bastards are about the best thing I’ve got going”, and
Matt: “I work with retards”
Mary: “Isn’t that a little politically incorrect?”
Matt: “Yeah, maybe, but hell, no one’s gonna tell me who I can and can’t work with”.

Those of you who know ginger-haired Avid Merrion (this includes you, Deutsche Boy) from Bo’ Selecta and A Bear’s Tail, must have watched yesterday’s great one. The bear and family go to the cinema to watch “Star Wars: the empire strikes black”. And there’s Michael Jackson “Shamon, mother fucker” as Michael Moonwalker, Craig Dayyyvid as Princess Leia and Mel B as Mel B Wan Kanobi. What a hilarious sketch that was. They’re in a glove-shaped spaceship, and then they spot the death star, and Mel B goes:- “That’s no moon, that’s a fookin’ Death Star. You complete set of Bahstads, you!” I love it!!!

Let the games begin!!!

Went to Jessy’s pad yesterday, ostensibly to say goodbye to Bingboula & German Boy. Actually it was just an excuse to watch football on the telly with some friends!! Chelsea 1-0, looks like another season they’ll be grinding out such results without any style whatsoever despite the big names they boast. Well done Scousers, although Betis threw a lot at them. Highlight of yesterday’s clashes was Kaka of AC Milan walking through a defense from midfield to score his second of the match. Lowlight was Prso of Rangers first head-butting a Porto player, for which he should’ve been sent off, then preventing the keeper from saving a goal by actually pushing his hand away!! Shame on Rangers!! Farcical comedy was two own goals in the Olympiakos-Rosenberg match, the Greek own goal was one which will remain with me for a long time to come 🙂 But the shocker of them all has to be Real Madrid going down to Lyon 3-0!! Ala Madrid?? Hasta la vista Madrid!!!
Man Utd tonight. Beer, anyone??


Ioannis the giant spider, sitting at the middle of his IT web, intimately connected and in tune with every twitching that signals a juicy fly has been snared.
This morning, I was watching ‘Survival’ on ITV2. Apparently, there’s a rare Congo Peacock that was last observed 13 years ago. And the Giant otter shrew is aptly named giant, because it’s about 100 times larger than a common jungle shrew.